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    So it’s been a while since I got around to writing. My bad. Lots has happened but it’s all good!

    Having spent time in the mountains of Colorado last year, I made a New Year’s resolution that I actually kept! I decided I would find a way to at least spend the summer in CO to see how it went and whether it made sense to make a move here.

    View from my deck

    I was fortunate to find a nice room for rent in a beautiful house at 8000 ft. It’s up in the pine trees with a view of Denver from the living room and mountains from my own room. I have a french door leading to a nice deck too. My four roommates are great and we’ve created a zoo with 4 cats and 3 dogs.

    Rocky Mountain high

    I moved out in June and spent the summer doing weekly hikes up to the continental divide. There’s just something so rewarding about getting to the top and being able to see the other side. The trails are beautiful and once you get above treeline, you know you’re getting close. The colors of the mountains themselves, even without snow, are just spectacular.

    Summer wildflowers

    During the summer, I joined a few Meetup groups. I’ve met some great people whom I’ve already gotten together with outside of the Meetups. I can tell they’ll be friends for life. We’ve gotten together for dinners, additional hikes, and just to hang out with each other.

    Having spent the summer in CO, it made me realize that this is where I belong. It has mountains, trees, rivers, fresh air, and…sunshine! So now what?

    In September, I reached out to a mortgage broker to see what my options are on my paltry freelance salary. Turns out I’m in luck! With some financial maneuvering, I can actually qualify enough to get a decent house here. Now I just need to find one! I can finally fulfill my dream of being a mountain mama. The plan is to sell the Mesquite house in January and find something up in the foothills above Golden. It’s where I feel most at home and relaxed. Who’d have known?

    Freshly groomed tracks

    As we begin to get seriously into winter, I’ve equipped myself with all the gear to enjoy the very things Colorado is known for – great snow. I now have classic xc skis, skate xc skis, alpine skis, and snowshoes. Getting out has been incredible and allows me to continue my passion for playing outside. If I could, I’d get out every day.

    Health has been pretty good with a recent minor slide. I should be back on track in a few months but it’s nothing too bad. I have certainly become a big believer in functional medicine. Our bodies are just too complex to address one symptom with a pill. In many areas, Western medicine has a long way to go.

    Looking forward to 2019, my own personal mountain lodge, making new friends, and just enjoying the outdoors!


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