My First Runs

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    It’s January 27, 2012. I tried it. Did my first run, but also incorporated walking. There’s a great 4-mile loop from my house. I’ve walked it a number of times, but never tried any running. This time, I ran some. The first two miles are downhill, which makes it easier.

    But, as expected, after about a half mile, my shins started cramping and burning. Damn. Why? Reduced me to walking earlier than I thought and hoped.  After another half mile or so I started jogging again. Around to the bottom of the loop.  Walking again. Hoping someone I know doesn’t drive by and see me reducing from jogging to walking.

    My own mind ever the critic. Conversations like, “real runners don’t walk” and “this is way too hard for you, why do you even try?” But, determined, I push on, walking and jogging till I get back home.

    Over the next week, I went out a few more times and managed to rack up just over 20 miles for the week! Wow.  But, with the walk/run strategy, my minute per mile pace was in the 14’s and 15’s.

    So, at 51 years old, 5’6 and 145 lbs, I consider myself in decent shape. But know I’m not the skinny girl I once was. Still I’m pretty capable. Someday I will get back to the person I know I am. Meanwhile, I will track my progress in Map My Run with no particular goal other than to be able to run without walking.


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